Personal Training



Individualised 1h training sessions

Based on your goals determined after an intake session

Various workouts

Nutritional guidelines



Starting from €60 / session 

Distance Coaching



Meeting every 3 weeks for:

Fat% / skinfold measurements

New training program

New nutritional guidelines



Starting from €100 / meeting


Online Coaching



For those who don't live nearby

Easy to plan in your own schedule

Work with before & after pictures & easy follow-ups

New training programs every couple weeks

New nutritional guidelines every couple weeks


Starting from €175/month





 Hi, I'm Robin Verdonck ('92)



I've always been passionate about sports, started playing basketball at the age of 6 and decided to become a basketball coach at the age of 16.

I've always enjoyed teaching those who want to become better and thinking about that made it easy for me to decide what I wanted to do with my professional life.


I decided to become a Personal Trainer to help other people become fit (again) and because I'm all about doing what you love for a living.


For me the ideal clients to work with are either those who want to improve their sports performance or those who want to improve their body composition.


Figuring out my ideal clientele helped me come up with SPOT-ON Coaching, which stands for Sports Performance, One-on-oneTraining and Optimal Nutrition Coaching.



NASM Certified Personal Trainer @ Physical Coaching Academy BE

Precision Nutrition Level 1 @ Precision Nutrition Online USA

Program Design @ Physical Coaching Academy BE

YPSI Nutrition, Hormones and Skinfolds @ Your Personal Strength Institute DE




Where to find me?

David Lloyd Antwerp - Kattenbroek 3, 2650 Edegem


Phone:  +32 472/84.11.76

SPOT-ON Coaching

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Sports Performance

One-on-one Training

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